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Junior Race Series



2018-2019 SCHEDULE

29Race Day - 1-6pm at Spokane Valley Event Center
30Race Day 10am 4pm at Spokane Valley Event Center
October9Official's Update Clinic - Spokane
November9-10SARS Ski Swap
10Warren Miller - Panida
23Schweitzer Open????
21-25Thanksgiving Break
December1Training Day - Balance and Stance
2Training Available
8Training Day - GS Turn Shape
9Training Available
15-17Russ Read at Mt. Bachelor
15Training Day
16Training Day
22Training Day
23Training Day
27-30Christmas Camp
28Early Morning Training - End day at Noon
January2-5Christmas Camp
2Early Morning Training - End day at Noon
4First Day of Junior Race Series
4-6Northwest Cup At Crystal
5SL Training Day
6SL Training Day
11Second Day of Junior Race Series
12-13EEYSL at Schweitzer
12SL Training Day (U14+)
13Early Morning Training (GS)
18Third day of Junior Race Series
19-21U14 Qualifier at Mt. Spokane
19-21Slalom Training (U16+)
25Final Day of Junior Race Series
Ice Cream Party
26Early Morning Super G U14+
27GS Gates
February 2-3EEYSL at 49
2Early Training Day GS
3SL Gates
8-10NW Cup at Mt Spokane
9GS Gates
10SL Gates
16-17EEYSL at SSRA
16SL Gates
17GS Gates
19-24Sun Cup at Mt Bachelor (SG/2DH)
22-24U14 Qualifier at Schweitzer
27Training Day
28Training Day
March 2-3EEYSL at 49
2Training Day
3Training Day
8-10Buddy Werner at Snow Bowl
9SL Gates
10GS Training Day
16Training Day
17Training Day
16-17EEYSL Finals at Lookout
21-24Western Region U14 Championships at Big Sky
23Training Day
30Training Day
31Training Day
April 1Training Day
4-7Northwest Cup & U16 Finals at Stevens Pass
9 Schweitzer Season Ends??

Notes:U14 and above train Sundays as well unless listed otherwise.
U12 and below training is optional on Sundays. Coaches are available let them know if you are coming.
Weekday training available.
Speed training for U12 and above will be run concurrent with SARS before lifts open on selected weekends. Must qualify for this training.
Selected racers will be invited to 1:1 training days as the need is identified.